Peppermint Park is a Sensory-Experience for all ages. Discover Nostalgic Novelties that transport you to a time where family, friendship and giving back are the cornerstone of our lives. With purpose, every purchase made at Peppermint Park fuels the Missions of our Community.

The Concept

Adults will enjoy whimsical and reminiscent childhood toy shopping experiences and children will be introduced to this essential experience first-hand. Classic and modern toys to tinker with through the store, a colorful playground jungle gym in the center that reminds us of the outdoors are filled with seasonal merchandise, and the rounder of vintage 25ยข candy machines towards the back of the store make the fascination all the sweeter. We want children’s eyes to light up and grin from ear to ear, capturing the joy and enthusiasm of the entire store, designed by the children in us.

I n s t a - S w e e t s